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Welcome to CARDS - Commerce Actions and Regulatory Documents Search

  • Welcome to the upgraded CARDS application. Some new features you will find are content searching of text within the documents and the ability to click column headers to sort by that column. You may also drag the columns to change the order.
  • CARDS (Commerce Actions and Regulatory Documents Search) provides access to public information about Enforcement Actions taken by the Department of Commerce and a variety of other public regulatory documents.
  • This application is not a substitute for eDockets which is a separate tool shared by the Department of Commerce and the Public Utilities Commission.
Search Tips
  • You must fill in at least one of the search criteria.
  • The more information you enter, the better your search results will be.
  • Wild card characters will NOT work.
  • Text fields are searched using "begins with". For example Ander for Anderson and Andersen.